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JavaScript Naming Conventions Are Important

It is no secret that developers have to ponder over numerous everyday tasks. Part of their thoughts is always dedicated to various routine matters, such as "In which module should I place this function?", "How should I name this variable?", or "What should this variable do?". Despite these questions appearing simple and trivial, they consistently consume mental resources. However, if there are ways to simplify this process by automating some routine tasks, thereby focusing attention on more critical matters, it undoubtedly makes sense to take advantage of them.

In this context, naming conventions play a crucial role. Acquiring knowledge and employing these conventions judiciously contribute to enhanced code readability, simplifying comprehension, and reducing the developer's cognitive load. However, not all developers are aware of, and sometimes forget, how to correctly apply these conventions, mindlessly diverting their attention to seemingly more critical matters. This, in turn, complicates the readability and ...

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