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Introducing Found, a new podcast from TechCrunch

Here at TechCrunch, we spend most of our time talking to founders. Investors probably come a close second, but it’s definitely founders at the top of the list. That comes through in our articles and our events, but even with all we do there, it only begins to scratch the surface on the many, many interesting stories that are out there to tell.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you Found, a new weekly podcast from TechCrunch that’s all about founders, and the stories behind the startups. Each episode features an interview with a different early stage founder, with myself and TechCrunch Managing Editor Jordan Crook as hosts.

These aren’t your typical startup founder conversations or pitches — they’re open, honest talks about what it’s really like to found a company, and why you’d want to do that to begin with. We hear ...

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