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Intel looks beyond CMOS to MESO

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At the 2021 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), Intel demonstrated for the first time a functional MESO (Magneto-Electric Spin-Orbit) transistor. MESO is what’s called a “beyond-CMOS” device. That is, it represents a fundamental new way of building a transistor (and hence computers) and uses room-temperature quantum materials. MESO could be 10 to 30 times more efficient than existing transistors and could help spur AI efforts across a variety of industries.

Although still in the research phase, MESO would represent the biggest advance in computing since the introduction of the transistor, if it reaches commercialization, and would likely lead to revisions in electrical engineering courses and textbooks. Intel’s prior theoretical research had shown that MESO could offer significant advances over conventional transistors in the energy consumption and chip area. MESO could allow circuits to run at just 100mV, and would be especially promising for ...

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