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Increase productivity with OpenText Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)

As the world has become centered around technology, the scope and reach of tech has permeated every aspect of life and business, which has created a need within organizations to support and create their own technology or tech environments. With this shift, IT and development teams have seen a higher demand, increasingly limited resources, shortening deadlines, and the rapid speed of technology advancements, more teams have adopted Agile methodologies to stay flexible and deliver the greatest value. The shift to agile has created a gap between business and agile development.

Implementing a Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) and Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) solution closes that gap by effectively communicating strategic business objectives and goals, enabling flexibility, and driving informed decision-making so your teams can increase productivity, optimize resources, and maximize value delivered.

What you can do with an integrated PPM and SPM solution

1. Provide clear communication

Strategy is communicated ...

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