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Husband and wife among ransomware operators arrested in Ukraine

Gang of five arrested in Ukraine for their involvement in large-scale ransomware attacks on international firms costing millions of dollars in damages.

Ukrainian law enforcement authorities are on an arrest spree against ransomware operators since last year. As previously reported, two members of the REVil ransomware gang were arrested in October, and in June 2021, six individuals suspected to be members of the Cl0p ransomware gang were arrested. 

Continuing the operation; Ukraine police have arrested five more people suspected to be part of a cartel and operated ransomware attacks against foreign companies. The arrested people include a husband and wife team.

Operation Details

According to sources, Ukrainian authorities were tipped off by UK intelligence about a five-member gang of ransomware operators. The gang is suspected to be involved in ransomware attacks against over fifty organizations across the USA and Europe, causing financial losses amounting to $1 million.

The special operation ...

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