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HTC Announces Smaller, Lighter Vive Flow VR Headset

HTC’s presence in the smartphone market has all but evaporated, but it’s still a presence in the world of VR. Facebook’s Oculus is way out in the lead, but HTC hopes its new Vive Flow might attract a new kind of VR enthusiast. The lightweight headset is styled more like a pair of glasses, making it easier to pop them on to watch Netflix or play a simple game. However, you’re going to need an external power source, and the Flow headset isn’t cheap at $500. 

Don’t let the head-on images fool you — the Flow is not as compact or convenient as a pair of sunglasses. This device still earns the name “headset,” which is apparent when seen from the side. The device sticks out quite a lot, but there’s no skull-encompassing strap or multifaceted camera array poking out the front. The glasses ...

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