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How to Protect Your Phone from Pegasus and Other APTs

Source: Production Perig via Adobe Stock Photo

Amnesty International reports that Pegasus, the "legal surveillance software" from Israeli company NSO Group which has been used to surveil human rights activists, journalists, and lawyers around the world, has been found on 37 devices belonging to 35 journalists in El Salvador as late as last November.

Over the past few months, I received a lot of questions from concerned users worldwide about how to protect their mobile devices from Pegasus and other similar tools and malware. First, let me warn you that no list of defense techniques can ever be exhaustive. Additionally, as attackers change their modus operandi, defense techniques need to adapt.

We should start by saying that Pegasus is a toolkit sold to nation-states at relatively high prices. The cost of a full deployment may easily reach millions of dollars. Similarly, other advanced persistent threat (APT) mobile malware may be ...

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