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How to get the Android 12 beta

Google has opened the Android 12 beta program for users. Jack Wallen shows you how to enroll your Pixel device, so you can enjoy the beta version of the latest release.

Image: Jack Wallen

Google has finally released the second beta version of Android 12, which adds a few exciting new features, such as:

  • Privacy Dashboard: Shows what data on your device has been accessed (as well as how often). This new Dashboard will also help you quickly adjust app permissions on the fly, so you'll have even more control of device security
  • Mic and Camera On/Off toggles: Enables users to manually disable both the microphone and camera (system-wide) from the Quick Settings section of the Notification Shade
  • Clipboard Read Notification: Will alert users when applications have accessed the system clipboard—even if they haven't used the feature

The second beta release also adds a bit more ...

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