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How to Design for Mobile Apps

August 6th 2022 new story

Global consumers spend an average of 4.2 hours per day using apps on their smartphones. Mobile apps are not the same as desktop apps. Multitasking is not possible on mobile due to the small screen size, but it is possible on desktops. The user flow of an app must be simple, straightforward, and to the point. The design process for mobile apps isn’t inherently different from that of any good, user-centered product. It is the approach to the steps that are tweaked.

Mobile is the future of the web.

Recent advancements in the tech space have led to the creation of smartphones that are just as powerful as laptops. And given this, there is no reason why users wouldn’t prefer mobiles over desktops for the convenience and ease of use they offer.

Don’t believe us?

According to a study by data ...

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