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How to choose an HDR gaming monitor

The Asus ROG Strix PG329Q is a solid 32-inch HDR 600 gaming monitor.

High Dynamic Range refers to scenes rendered with brighter highlights, greater shadow detail and a wider range of color for a better looking image. For gaming HDR, in contrast to TV HDR, it means more than a prettier picture: The better you can see what's lurking in the bright and dark areas, the more likely you are to avoid hidden enemies and spot clues. But keep in mind, that most games are still designed for the middle common denominator: Everything you need to see is sufficiently visible in the middle of the brightness range.

Games still require explicit HDR support for optimal results, but the introduction of Auto HDR in the Xbox Series X/S and in Windows 11 changes that: The operating systems can automatically expand the brightness and color ranges of nonHDR games. It ...

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