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How Collaboration Across Platforms Could Supercharge AI Performance

Collaboration across platforms enables AI models to access a wider range of data and expertise, leading to faster learning and improved performance through diverse insights and resources. This synergy accelerates AI advancements across industries.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the central points of discussion across the world over the past year. It seems that news organizations publish more news about billion-dollar deals, multi-million dollar investments, and AI tools emerging in a new industry every day. In fact, 2023 has acted as an accelerator for AI technology, with AI deal size increasing by 48% YTD

Yet, each advancement in AI has been deeply individualistic, with multiple leading tech firms and start-ups focusing on fixing the same problems or developing similar technology. Instead of creating a streamlined system that draws upon all AI resources we have available to us, each company is racing to create the same thing.

While these ...

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