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How AI 'revolution' is shaking up journalism

Experts are divided whether AI will ever fully replace journalists, but widely expect it handle more mundane tasks.

Journalists had fun last year asking the shiny new AI chatbot ChatGPT to write their columns, most concluding that the bot was not good enough to take their jobs. Yet.

But many commentators believe journalism is on the cusp of a revolution where mastery of algorithms and AI tools that generate content will be a key battleground.

The technology news site CNET perhaps heralded the way forward when it quietly deployed an AI program last year to write some of its listicles.

It was later forced to issue several corrections after another news site noticed that the bot had made mistakes, some of them serious.

But CNET's parent company later announced job cuts that included editorial staff—though executives denied AI was behind the layoffs.

The German publishing behemoth Axel Springer ...

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