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Hackers Steal $8M in Ongoing Attack on Solana Hot Wallets

Cause of Attack Is Unknown, Moving Funds to Cold Wallets Recommended Rashmi Ramesh (rashmiramesh_) • August 3, 2022

In an attack that's still ongoing, hackers drained about $8 million worth of cryptocurrency and counting from internet-connected wallets on the Solana blockchain, filching assets from about 8,000 wallets, predominantly from mobile wallet users of Phantom and Slope.

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Solana told users very early this morning that so far, 7,767 wallets are affected by the theft, whose cause remains unknown. "Engineers are currently working with multiple security researchers and ecosystem teams to identify the root cause of the exploit," Solana tweeted around 1 a.m.

Solana says it identified four wallets as associated with the hackers.

A dashboard from blockchain analytics company Dune shares live updates on the number of wallets affected and the funds stolen.

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