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GTA Online Glitch Exploited, Corrupts Players’ Accounts & Ban

Due to an alleged bug in the game’s PC version, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online gamers claim to have lost game progress, had their in-game money taken, and been blacklisted from the game servers. GTA Online is the multiplayer version of the well-known Rockstar Games action-adventure game franchise. It was first made available in October 2013 and received free content updates.

The creator of the Grand Theft Auto V cheat, known as “North,” reportedly took use of a new “remote code execution” weakness in the Online PC game client to remotely change player account attributes (such as zeroing their money amount), corrupt accounts, and even ban people from the game.

Everybody is vulnerable to attacks as long as they are online, according to user reports about the exploit, even gamers who are not in the same multiplayer lobby as the attackers. The North GTA Online cheat maker implemented these ...

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