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Greece tests drone drug delivery for remote regions

TRIKALA, Greece: Greece on Tuesday tested a drone to deliver medicines to isolated places in an environmentally friendly way, sending the unmanned vehicle to a 200-person village.

The red drone with four rotor blades took off from the northwestern Greek city of Trikala and flew 3 kilometers (0.5 miles) to Leptokarya. It made two stops, landing outside a pharmacy and in a farmer’s field.

A pharmacy staff member unloaded the medicine from a storage compartment on the drone, and it took off again.

A medicines delivery drone flies outside a drugstore in Trikala, Greece September 21, 2021. REUTERS

“Technology can give real solutions to real problems that we have today. Today we transported medicines to a pharmacy nearby, tomorrow it could be to transport medicines to some emergency,” said Trikala Mayor Dimitris Papastergiou.

The EU-funded program called Harmony aims to use low carbon and less resource intensive solutions ...

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