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Google brings passkeys to its Advanced Protection Program

Google has announced it is rolling out passkeys for the most high-risk users, providing an additional layer of protection on top of a physical security key and password.

As part of the Advanced Protection Program (APP), users who are more likely to face online attacks, such as journalists, elected officials, political campaign staff and human rights workers, can choose to enable an additional passkey to protect their accounts.

The APP program helps defend Google Accounts from traditional avenues of attack such as phishing, malware and fraudulent access to data.

Protecting high-risk accounts

Passkeys use FIDO authentication and biometric verification making them quick and secure to use to log in. As passkeys are tied to personal devices, they are not stored anywhere other than on your device, making them more secure that passwords and legacy forms of multi-factor authentication (MFA).

By integrating passkeys with APP, Google has done away with the ...

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