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GoDaddy discloses breach of 1.2M customer account details

Web hosting provider GoDaddy said an attacker broke into its Managed WordPress service and accessed account details and SSL keys for 1.25 million customers.

GoDaddy disclosed a security breach that it says left more than one million customers of its hosted sites exposed to various levels of data theft.

The domain registrar and hosting provider broke the news via an SEC filing early Monday, saying that on November 17 it uncovered an unauthorized login to its Managed WordPress hosting service.

A popular service for publishing blogs, news sites and business pages, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that can be used both on premise or as a cloud service. In the case of GoDaddy, the CMS is offered as a hosted, subscription-based service for GoDaddy customers.

According to GoDaddy, the company noticed some suspicious network activity last week in its ...

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