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Gaming’s direct-to-consumer pipeline is shifting to webstores

Image Credit: GamesBeat/Rachel Kaser

Direct-to-consumer marketing is becoming a more important part of gaming’s economy, as a panel of experts discussed at this week’s GamesBeat Summit 2023. Ron Scott, regional director of the Americas at Xsolla, led the discussion with Tim Montgomery, SVP at Mastercard and Jenna Seiden, VP of Business Development at Niantic Labs. All three spoke about the importance of direct-to-consumer utility, as well as finding new ways of advertising to young gamers.

Seiden said one of the more important parts of advertising to a younger gaming audience is meeting them where they are and reducing the barrier for entry. “What are the two things you have on you at all times? I have my phone and I have my credit cards. Same thing: What is the most approachable and what is the closest thing to you?”

Montgomery agreed that one of the main features ...

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