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Former OpenAI boss Sam Altman will join Microsoft

The story of Sam Altman and OpenAI took a twist this morning that even the most hallucinatory of chatbots would struggle to conjure: he and other OpenAI chums - including co-founder Greg Brockman - are off to Microsoft.

Altman was abruptly ousted from OpenAI on Friday and was followed through the doors by several OpenAI members, including Brockman. After a frenzied weekend of speculation, it appears that Microsoft has scooped up the team and tipped them into an AI research unit for which Altman will serve as CEO.

Nadella opened this morning by insisting that Microsoft remains committed to OpenAI - after all, it has poured billions into the company. However, it isn't easy to see how Microsoft will keep both plates spinning after opening its doors to Altman and other former OpenAI staffers.

OpenAI's reasons for ejecting Altman remain unclear. Under his leadership, the company has seen its value skyrocket ...

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