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Former Infosec COO Pleads Guilty for Hacking Hospitals

Former COO of the Atlanta-based cybersecurity company Securolytics, Vikas Singla, launched a series of cyberattacks on the non-profit healthcare organization Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC), which has locations in Lawrenceville and Duluth, Georgia.

GMC suffered a financial loss of $817,804.12 as a result of the defendant’s computer intrusions that affected the GMC ASCOM phone system, printers, and Digitizer, as well as the defendant’s course of conduct.

Specifics of the Hack

The plea agreement states that on September 27, 2018, the defendant intentionally sent a command that caused an unlawful change to the ASCOM phone system configuration template for the GMC hospital campus in Duluth, Georgia.

Additionally, he knew he did not have the authority to make the changes he intended to make to the configuration files of the ASCOM phone system.

As a result, upon the defendant’s transmission, every ASCOM phone at GMC Duluth that was ...

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