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Fitbit is categorizing sleep with cartoon animals

Image: Fitbit

Fitbit is launching a new Sleep Profile feature for premium members that will categorize users as one of six animal characters, the company announced today. Users are grouped based on 10 sleep metrics — five of which are new to Fitbit.

The research team wanted to give people more information about how they sleep, says Karla Gleichauf, the senior research scientist at Google who led the research for the feature. “We were also influenced by some fun things, like game design or the Harry Potter quizzes about what house you’re in,” she says. “People love to be categorized. So, we said, ‘I think this is just really fun’ — it’s another kind of identity to people.”

For example: Fitbit co-founder James Park is a dolphin, Gleichauf says. People with dolphin sleep animals tend to go to bed at variable times, go to sleep late, and take lots of ...

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