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FanDuel Cautions Users Of Data Breach In Vendor Hack

Customers of the FanDuel sportsbook and betting platform are being cautioned that their names and email addresses were made public due to a security breach at MailChimp in January 2023. Users are advised to be on the lookout for scam communications. MailChimp announced a compromise on January 13th after hackers used a social engineering effort to get an employee’s login information.

The threat actors took the customer data of 133 users, who used these credentials to access an internal MailChimp customer assistance and administration tool. The names and email addresses of current or future customers are frequently included in this audience data, which varies depending on the MailChimp customer.

Customers were informed via email last Thursday by FanDuel that threat actors obtained their names and email addresses as a result of the MailChimp breach. We recently learned of a security compromise in the system of a third-party technology provider ...

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