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Fake Netflix App Spreads Malware via WhatsApp Messages

Researchers have discovered malware camouflaged as a Netflix application, prowling on the Google Play store, spread through WhatsApp messages. As per a Check Point Research analysis released on Wednesday, the malware took on the appearance of an application called "FlixOnline," which publicized by the means of WhatsApp messages promising "2 Months of Netflix Premium Free Anywhere in the World for 60 days." But once installed, the malware begins stealing information and credentials.

The malware was intended to monitor incoming WhatsApp messages and automatically react to any that the victims get, with the content of the response crafted by the adversaries. The reactions attempted to bait others with the proposal of a free Netflix service, and contained links to a phony Netflix site that phished for credentials and credit card information, analysts said.

“The app turned out to be a fake service that claims to allow users to view Netflix content ...

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