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Fake Lazarus DDoS Gang Launches New "Attacks"

Proofpoint Reports Group Rebrands as Fancy Lazarus, Lowers Ransom Amount Doug Olenick (DougOlenick) • June 11, 2021

Traditional ransomware attacks may have taken over the news cycle, but Proofpoint researchers say the malicious actors who presents themselves as the North Korean-backed Lazarus advanced persistent threat group have revamped their distributed denial-of-service ransom extortion strategy and rebranded the group with a new moniker.

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"These names reference real APT groups that are nation-aligned or nation-sponsored, but there is no evidence that the extortion DDoS actor tracked in this blog has any association with those APT groups. They are simply leveraging the well-known names to scare their targets," says Sherrod DeGrippo, senior director of threat research and detection at Proofpoint.

The gang may be all talk and no action, as few DDoS attacks apparently take place and are simply attempting to take ...

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