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Eyecam, an Extremely Conspicuous Webcam

Today we largely accept the variety of microphones that listen to us in their various Alexa, iOS, and Google iterations, as well as a webcam on our laptop that probably isn’t recording us. In fact, we don’t even really think about these prying sensors, allowing them to mentally fade into the background. The Eyecam, by Marion Koelle and a team from Saarland University researchers, is a webcam that not only records what it sees, but moves like an actual human eye!

This device looks incredibly realistic, with silicone flesh, eyelids, and an eyebrow, which are all actuated using six servo motors stuffed inside. It can operate autonomously, or react to external stimuli, such as the presence of a person in front of it. Electronics include an Arduino Nano and Raspberry Pi Zero, along with a tiny HD camera.

As seen in the video below, the Eyecam is designed ...

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