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ExpressVPN Bug Leaked DNS Requests for Windows Users

Security researchers uncover a flaw in ExpressVPN’s Windows client, potentially exposing browsing activity for a small percentage of users.

A recent discovery by security researchers revealed a worrying bug in ExpressVPN‘s Windows client, potentially leaking sensitive DNS requests outside the encrypted VPN tunnel.

This means that, under specific circumstances, websites visited by affected users could be visible to their internet service provider (ISP). While the actual content of online activity remains encrypted, the knowledge of visited websites can still be intrusive and compromise anonymity.

Who Was Affected:

The vulnerability only affected users who had the “split tunneling” feature enabled in their ExpressVPN client. This feature allows users to choose which applications bypass the VPN connection while others remain protected. The issue reportedly impacted roughly 1% of ExpressVPN’s Windows user base.

Impact and Mitigation:

While the leak did not expose the actual content of online activity, it could ...

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