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Epic Games acquires kid tech platform SuperAwesome

Epic Games has acquired SuperAwesome, a kidtech company. Image Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games has announced the acquisition of SuperAwesome, a pioneer in the “kid tech” market that provides children with what it says are safe digital experiences and age-appropriate advertising. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The move comes a day after Epic announced its $15 million investment in Manticore, which has created a platform to enable anyone to make games. And today’s announcement shows that Epic isn’t slowing down its rapid pace of doing deals — even though it is in an antitrust suit with Apple over App Store policies.

“We want kids to have safe digital experiences, absolutely everywhere,” said SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins, in an interview with GamesBeat.

SuperAwesome’s “kid tech” infrastructure sees use from more than 300 companies, such as Mattel, Disney, Hasbro, and Lego. The company says it has defined ...

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