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Educators, researchers, student developers, leaders at Next ‘23

  • At Secure Your Organization with Zero Trust Controls and Google AI: IT leaders at the University of Notre Dame demonstrated how they used AI to gamify cybersecurity training for over a thousand students. By designing an interactive AI-based Google Wizarding College and a Cybersecurity Carnival they made security training fun and effective. “Security is everyone’s responsibility,” Chas Grundy, Director of IT Strategy and Transformation, says. “Google tools help us set defaults and automate controls to make that burden easier on students and admins.”

  • The panelists at Responsibly Driving Student Success with AI began by pointing to some of the challenges facing higher education today: the learning losses in math and reading since the pandemic and the overwhelming need to retrain tomorrow’s workforce in new skills. Lev Gonick, Enterprise Chief Information Officer at Arizona State University, believes AI has the potential to recruit and retain students who haven’t ...

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