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Driving Porsche's Top-Secret Prototype Electric Race Car!

Speaker 1: Porsche built a 1000 horsepower, all electric race car in complete secrecy. And today we get to drive it. It's not too often that we see a fully functional, completely secret car roll up at a racetrack, but that's exactly what we have here. A vision for Porsche's future GT racing in a private session for me at one of the world's great international circuits, it's circuit Ricardo Tomo in Valencia, Spain, a long flowing track [00:00:30] with plenty of off camera turns, tricky elevation changes, and a long enough straight to see what this thing can really do. But before we hit that track, let's dive a little deeper into the card itself. From a drivetrain perspective, the GT four E performance shares a lot with the mission R concept. I was lucky enough to drive a couple of ...

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