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Drink coffee before your workouts for better results

Allow coffee to amp you up for exercise.

Preworkout supplements promise to amp you up for the gym and improve your exercise performance. Most preworkout supplements, however, are unnecessarily expensive and have shady ingredient labels with "proprietary blends" that include who knows what. 

Instead of spending money on an expensive preworkout supplement that may or may not have questionable ingredients, you can turn to something you probably already have in your pantry: coffee. 

That's right -- caffeine is the main ingredient in most preworkout supplements, and you don't need neon-colored powders to consume it. A strong cup of coffee can do the trick just fine.  

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Why you should drink coffee before your workout

If you need an extra edge to increase motivation for your workout but feel wary of preworkout supplements, coffee can help. Caffeine has ...

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