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'Dislike' button would improve Spotify's recommendations

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Spotify's whole business model relies on keeping you listening and being able to predict what songs you'll want to hear next. But Cornell researchers recently asked the question: Why do they still not let you vote down a song?

The research team recently developed a recommendation algorithm that shows just how much more effective Spotify would be if it could, in the style of platforms like Pandora, incorporate both likes and dislikes.

Specifically, they demonstrated that a listener is roughly 20 percent more likely to "like" a song if the algorithm is trained on 400,000 likes and dislikes, compared to an algorithm trained only on that amount of likes.

"An algorithm that only has 'likes' may help you discover songs that you really enjoy, but it also has a greater chance of recommending songs you don't like," said Sasha Stoikov, senior research ...

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