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Data Stolen from 500 Million LinkedIn Users Leaked Online

Just days after a Facebook data leak was revealed, security experts have discovered another one, this time the victim being LinkedIn as a huge pile of data containing the personal information of 500 million LinkedIn users has been found on sale on a popular hacking forum.

To prove the legitimacy of the data leak, the poster has included nearly 2 million records as a sample, which forum members can view for $2 worth of forum credits. The leaked data includes user names, contact numbers, email addresses, links to other social media profiles, and users’ workplace details. While, the data does not contain credit card information, legal documents, or other financial information that could be used for scams.

However, security researchers warned that lack of financial information does not mean that it is not dangerous. Hackers could misuse the data to create detailed profiles of their potential victims and then conduct ...

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