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Data Science Tops Developers’ Most-Desired Domain Skills

Which domain skills do developers most want to pursue? That’s a key question, considering how domain skills—and the specialization that comes with them—can unlock all kinds of career opportunities.

HackerEarth’s 2021 Developer Survey asked developers about which domain skills interested them the most, and the response was strong: data science is “the domain that is most coveted by both students and professional developers,” with 24.4 percent of respondents showing interest. Blockchain came in second, with 16.4 percent, followed by cybersecuritywith 14.9 percent. Here’s the full chart:

Hackerearth also predicts that developers’ embrace of data science could “continue well into the future as people discover more problems that can be solved through statistical and probabilistic problem-solving.”

Indeed, Harvard Business Review once called data science the “sexiest job of the 21st century.” In simplest terms, data scientists use a growing set of tools ...

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