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Cybers Guards > Web Tech > Learn > What is a Data Breach?Learn

Data breaches occur when private information becomes accessible to unauthorized third-parties and could lead to identity theft, financial fraud and other serious repercussions for both individuals and businesses alike.

Cyber attackers conduct research by browsing social media, searching for vulnerabilities or misconfigurations on systems or purchasing malware to gain entry to them.

Identity Theft

Data breaches occur when someone who isn’t authorized to view information gain access, typically by hacking. This often includes personal details like credit card numbers or login credentials as well as sensitive corporate data like source code or client lists that is stolen and given into the wrong hands where it could be used for fraudulent purchases, identity theft or even other forms of crime.

Cybercriminals’ primary motivation in stealing personal data is for profit; they may use it for sale on the dark web or to commit fraud against individuals or businesses. Hackers also ...

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