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Chinese Hackers Caught Spying on Taiwanese Firms

Espionage Group Used SoftEther VPN Client to Exploit Targeted Networks Jayant Chakravarti (@JayJay_Tech) • June 24, 2024

Taipei city skyline (Image: Shutterstock)

A Chinese state-sponsored group tracked as RedJuliett is using open-source VPN client SoftEther to target the infrastructure of about 75 organizations in government, academic and technology sectors in multiple countries. Most of the attacks appear to target Taiwan.

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Recorded Future's threat research arm Insikt Group said Monday the cyberespionage group managed to compromise 24 organizations, including an optoelectronics company, a facial recognition company, a waste and pollution treatment company, a publishing house, three universities and four software companies in Taiwan between November 2023 and April 2024.

The group also conducted network reconnaissance and attempted exploitation at eight universities and 11 government agencies, including those focused on Taiwanese economic policy; public sector organizations in Taiwan, Laos, Kenya and Rwanda; universities in ...

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