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Canva - taking digital visual design 'wall-to-wall inside the enterprise'

Cameron Adams, Duncan Clark, Canva (@philww)

Email, word processing and video conferencing have all become ubiquitous communication tools in the world of work, but visual design has never achieved mass adoption, remaining in the hands of professional users and their hard-to-use specialist tools. That could all be about to change if the co-founders of fast-growing DIY visual design tool Canva have their way. Its explosive viral adoption among freelancers, small businesses and social media influencers is now spreading into the enterprise, and that's all part of the plan. Cameron Adams, Chief Product Officer and one of the founding trio alongside CEO Melanie Perkins and COO Cliff Obrecht, explains:

One of the innovations that we launched ten years ago was that we took this incredibly complicated process and made it simple enough for 100% of the world to access design, as opposed to 1% of the world. So I think ...

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