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Can quantum computing protect AI from cyber attacks?

A car (green line) and a computer (yellow line) are correctly identified by a machine learning algorithm. But when random noise is added to the image, representing a cyber attack, the algorithm makes a mistake and classifies the computer as a car (pink line). Credit: CSIRO

AI algorithms are everywhere. They underpin nearly all autonomous and robotic systems deployed in security applications. This includes facial recognition, biometrics, drones and autonomous vehicles used in combat surveillance and military targeting applications.

Machine learning and AI algorithms are trained to classify and identify image features, like the features of our faces in facial recognition. But the data underpinning these algorithms can be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Subtle manipulation of image data by removing only a few pixels—invisible to the human eye—can result in incorrect predictions and even pose serious security threats.

Is quantum computing the answer?

Research published May 25 in ...

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