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Biden drops plan to ban Chinese-owned apps TikTok, WeChat

US President Joe Biden has revoked the plan by the Trump administration to ban the popular apps TikTok and WeChat, but will order a national security review of all foreign-operated computer applications.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday revoked executive orders from his predecessor Donald Trump seeking to ban Chinese-owned mobile apps TikTok and WeChat over national security concerns, the White House said.

A statement said that instead of banning the popular apps, the Biden administration would carry out a "criteria-based decision framework and rigorous, evidence-based analysis to address the risks" from internet applications controlled by foreign entities.

Trump had claimed the Chinese-owned apps posed national security risks and had sought to force the sale of TikTok, one of the world's most popular social media apps, to US investors.

The effort by the Trump administration prompted a series of legal challenges which delayed the efforts to ban or force the ...

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