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Best gaming TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Finding one of the best gaming TVs is no longer the big ask that it used to be – it's certainly easier than buying a PS5, at any rate. So whether you need the best TV for PS5 or best TV for Xbox Series X, we have you covered.

That's because the arrival of these next-gen consoles has spurred TV makers into ensuring they offer great gaming specifications across their many screens, to the point where it's getting increasingly rare to find a high-end or mid-range TV without them. 

Even budget screens can be surprisingly adept gaming TVs, offering low input lag and decent input support despite their low price tags – and we've made sure to choose the best gaming TVs for those with large and small budgets alike.

Over the last year we've spent hundreds of hours testing HDMI 2.1-compliant TVs that can ...

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