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Best 2021 Advent calendars for kids

We can see why Advent calendars have become a holiday staple: Surprises are fun and so are treats. A huge part of the holiday season is simply the excitement from the Christmas countdown. Kids love counting down the days until Christmas and there may be no better way to highlight the holiday buildup than an Advent calendar. Little ones can prep for their holiday haul with a tiny gift each day until the 25th. They open a numbered door and find a little something inside. 

Advent calendars of yore (OK, of the '80s and '90s) used to hold candy, if they held any sort of prizes, but these days, toys and trinkets are common filler. Characters like Mario and Harry Potter are sure to charm, but there's also a science-themed set and one set in a barn. Cars, horses and trains -- we've got all the angles covered. 2021 ...

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