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AT&T and Dish big winners in latest 5G auction

Anton Petrus/Getty Images

AT&T and satellite TV provider Dish Network are the top winners of airwaves once reserved for military use that will soon be used for 5G wireless service in the Federal Communications Commission's latest auction, the agency said Friday

AT&T spent $9.1 billion and Dish spent $7.3 billion for licenses of wireless spectrum that sits between the 2.5 gigahertz and 3.5GHz range of frequencies on the radio spectrum. T-Mobile was the third highest bidder in the auction, spending $2.9 billion. Verizon Communications did not participate in the auction. 

The so-called midband spectrum that was auctioned off is considered crucial for mobile operators' deployment of next generation of wireless service known as 5G, which promises to deliver much faster wireless service and a more responsive network. Its ability to connect more devices and offer real-time feedback is expected to spark a sea ...

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