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Are software-configurable products in your company's future?

Technology is increasingly allowing companies to reconfigure products on demand. Tech leaders may soon be called on to support these next-generation products.

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I recently purchased a new vehicle, and as one would expect in a 2021 flagship model, it is laden with technology. From the 12-inch screen in the dashboard, to fuel management software, the car is the epitome of the old "car guy" lament that modern vehicles are more computer- than combustion-driven.

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One intriguing aspect of the vehicle is that several features will be delivered via an over-the-air software update, the most notable being a "hands-free" driving feature that allows the car to steer, brake, and operate without the driver's hands on the steering wheel on certain roads. The sensors and hardware are already built into the car, but the software is "coming soon" and will require an ...

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