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Apple Sues NSO for Product and Service Abuse

U.S Blacklist, Failed France Deal, Moody's Downgrade Also Add to NSO Woes Mihir BagweNovember 24, 2021

The NSO Group has become the target of a lawsuit filed by technology giant Apple, which has alleged that the spyware maker abused its products and services to carry out spying operations without the consent of the company or its users.

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The news of the lawsuit comes on the heels of the U.S. Department of Commerce blacklisting the NSO Group, along with three other companies, as part of the "Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to put human rights at the center of US foreign policy, including by working to stem the proliferation of digital tools used for repression" (see: US Commerce Department Blacklists Israeli Spyware Firms).

Ratings Downgrade

The company was also downgraded to a ...

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