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An Uncommon 20 Years of Commonly Enumerating Vulns

Larry Cashdollar, a researcher with more than 300 CVEs to his credit, looks back at his favorite vulnerabilities (and being the only individual CNA on Mitre's list).

Larry Cashdollar needed someone big -- someone not afraid of physical retribution. So he called Donovan, an imposing figure at six-four. And Cashdollar says, "I made a mistake."

At the time, Cashdollar, now a senior researcher at Akamai, was a Unix system administrator at Computer Sciences Corp. under contract at Bath Iron Works. The mistake Cashdollar had made was exploiting a vulnerability in a program called "midikeys," inadvertently changing the root password on an SGI Onyx graphics system just when the engineers had begun giving a demo of the Onyx to a Navy admiral. Donovan's job was to go into the room and tell the Bath Iron Works engineers the new password.

Cashdollar's career survived the incident and took off with ...

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