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An Introduction to the Main AWS Storage Services

When I was nine I discovered QBASIC on my parents' DOS computer. I got addicted immediately but, in the nineties, we didn't have stack overflow where I could just copy-paste example code.

What I did have were a few books that I found at a thrift store with example programs printed in them. I would spend hours copying the code (especially since I used the hunt-and-peck typing technique).

Once I had all of that code copied, I had no questions about where to store it.

On my personal, 750 kb floppy disk.

Now I'm a cloud developer, and when I want to store files it's not as simple of a decision. There are all types of storage in AWS with a different use case for each. In this article, I'm going to walk through the most commonly used storage services and describe the common use cases ...

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