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AI ‘dominated scientific output’ in recent years, UNESCO report shows

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The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today unveiled its latest Science Report. The massive undertaking — this year’s report totals 762 pages, compiled by 70 authors from 52 countries over 18 months — is published every five years to examine current trends in science governance. This latest edition includes discussion of the rapid progress toward Industry 4.0 and, for the first time, a deep analysis of AI and robotics research around the globe. Going beyond just the global leaders, it offers an overview of almost two dozen countries and global regions, examining AI research, funding, strategies, and more. Overall, the report determines “it is the field of AI and robotics that dominated scientific output” in recent years.

“We take a look at the broad field of cross-cutting strategic technologies and break it down comprehensively into the 10 subfields. Artificial intelligence and robotics is ...

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