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After RaidForums' Demise, Breached Forum Seizes Leaks Mantle

New Forum Boasts More Stolen Records for Sale, Nearly as Many Users as Predecessor Mathew J. Schwartz (euroinfosec) • September 12, 2022

Former RaidForums seller LeakBase is now offering 50 stolen databases for sale on Breached. (Source: Kela)

The FBI seizure of cybercrime forum RaidForums earlier this year hasn't stopped black hats from finding a new place to connect online following emergence of a new alternative: Breached.

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The rapid rise of Breached - also known as BreachForums - shows there remains a strong demand for sites that facilitate the buying and selling of stolen data. "Breached is not only the successor of RaidForums, but in a very short time frame has become a promising data leak marketplace," says Yael Kishon, a threat intelligence analyst at Israeli threat intelligence firm Kela. The forum's popularity is bolstered by ...

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