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5 event-driven architecture mistakes and how to avoid them

Forrester Research has released a report that compiles five of the biggest mistakes an organization can make when using event-driven architecture (EDA), and how to avoid said mistakes.

Event-driven architecture is nothing new, and Forrester's report acknowledges that fact. It does add that adoption has been accelerating recently, particularly "Forrester has seen increased interest in harnessing events for digital transformation in a manner like REST APIs," the report said. 

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Forrester cites eBay's account deletion notifications and Walmart's order and inventory notifications as two real-world uses of events, and said that those uses are evidence that "organizations are moving along a maturity path from simply seeing events as a coding pattern to using events for business innovation." 

As with any adoption of a new technology, mistakes happen, in planning and execution. As Forrester said in its report, EDA ...

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