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Unistal launches TASHU scheme on Protegent Activation

Unistal has launched its TASHU scheme to express their gratitude towards partners and engineers who are associated with the business for the promotion its Anti virus solution Protegent. TASHU has been experiencing growth and success because of the engineers and partners registered on the platform.

The main intent of launching TASHU was to manifest the gratefulness for these partners and engineers by offering them amazing offers on the portal. They get the reward points for activation or installation of every Protegent products in the client’s machines. After the completion of installation they win exciting offers and cash by earning points.

For every point, there is a free gift and that varies according to the point earned by the engineers. The success of TASHU has made the business to grow more and it can be seen by the received count of registrations. Currently, the platform has effectively gained 2000 registrations ...

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