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Toshiba Releases New Load Switch ICs

Toshiba will continue to enhance low quiescent current technology products, contribute to equipment downsizing and lower power consumption, and a sustainable future.

Toshiba has unveiled the “TCK12xBG Series” of load switch ICs that deliver a remarkable decrease in quiescent current and an output current rating of 1A.

Housed in a small WCSP4G package, the new ICs will support product developers in innovating a new generation of wearables and IoT devices that consume less power and offer a longer charge life.

TCK12xBG Series uses a new driver circuit, which realizes a typical ON-state quiescent current of 0.08nA. This represents a region of 99.9% reduction from Toshiba’s current product, “TCK107AG,” a huge advance in efficiency that will allow wearables and IoT devices powered by small batteries to operate for significantly longer.

WCSP4G, a new package developed for the products, is about 34% smaller than that of TCK107AG, only 0 ...

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